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Darrion's Resignation and Leaving

The title tells you the bottom of the pyramid, if you would like to know why, continue reading. I feel Arcator is becoming something that is not needed in my life. I do not need to be on here, and I am being pushed away from it and being pulled by other interests. I have recently hardly played Minecraft, logged on to Arcator, viewed Discord, or anything that relates to Arcator. I feel as if I leave I will help some people by letting them be away from me, as many people on Arcator do not like me very much. As I write this, I view Discord. There is 60 offline players, and I will be one of them after this post. I may look on Discord every now and then, but I promise you it will hardly be any time at all. I will be walking away from Arcator. I have other interests as I have said, but I also want to take care of many things in person also. I need to bring my life together in a more unified, efficient, and dedicated way. I have planned many goals for what I will be doing, and what I have been doing. For those who do not want me on Arcator, panic no more, your wish has came. For those who like me personally, I can keep in touch with you, but it must be in a way not relating to Arcator. I have many passions of things I want to be do. Running being my largest passion and thing I dedicate time to. Photography being the next, as i am going in to professional photography, for those of you that did not know. As i was typing this I realized nobody on here knows what has really happened to me over the last course of 10 months. I feel this is the right thing to do, and it will go well. Arcator will carry through and be generational, as long as people stay. But remember to make people feel welcomed, or they will feel the same way I do right now. Not welcomed. I request every time you see someone new log in you say "Welcome to Arcator!" I request that you hear someone that has a personal problem that you help them get through it. I request that when someone talks about something that they are passionate about, that you keep the conversation going. I request that when someone asks you a question, you give the best possible answer you can. I request that you care for these people, and you continually update them on you and have them update you on them. Make everyone feel as if they are a part of a community. Do not leave someone out, or else they will slowly disappear.

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Best of luck with wherever time takes you, I'm sure you'll have a lot of free time for hobbies and other things. Arcator's always here should you wish to return, whether it be briefly checking or coming back.