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Crash Report

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The server crash a few days prior to New Years was caused by hitting the disk quota. The server was down for three weeks until an Owner was able to restart it and transfer the old backup files. Unfortunately, hitting the disk quota caused some files to be lost such as essentials and MultiInv data. This page will be used as a reference to record which users (and plugins) lost data.

config.yml was blank so the announcements plugin and folder from MC2 were copied over to MC1 since they both have the same messages. The current Announcement plugin was be removed.

Plugin seems fine, the bug in which player join messages were not appearing couldn't be fixed.

Dynmaps (folder)
I've deleted the Dynmaps folder since we've removed the plugin (207 MB). Sometime in the future we might be able to offload dynmaps to Kieraan's server.

Unfortunately data could not be recovered (includes homes)
The following users lost Essentials data.
Humlaaan, BigBossZach, TEDDYFIRE9, Patolini, Restitutor, mitchywebby, Creeper__King, Elsa_Moonlund, Sarah_C_Polk, Sso007, BedrockFinder, Coleridge

Seems fine, tell me if you notice any rank issues and I'll send another plugin patch.

Logging new blocks was disabled.

Restored inventories for Patolini and Restitutor using files from September 4th 2015.

WorldBorder AND WorldeditRegions
config.yml was erased, we'll have to recreate this.