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A Plan for the Future

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No one misses the friends they never got to meet,
To lose the invisible’s but a tragic feat,

This is the path that may be sown,
Lest they be, unseen, unheard, unknown...

There's been plans to begin another Arcator revival, though with all things taken into consideration many things will be different for this one.

As important as it is to provide a fun experience, advertising really is the missing key. Arcator's now been posted on several sites and hopefully this will bring in new people to meet. There's also a new plan for voting which should push us up through listings for a week or two.

You see in order to vote on the listing, often times a captcha's required which takes some time. Because of this it becomes really easy to get bored and stop voting.

However, if we were able to get every person on Arcator's Discord to vote just 5 times, we'd get 400 votes (assuming 80% of the 100 people are able). These 400 votes might just do something, a worthy shot in the dark.

If you're been on the Discord, chances are you've been messaged privately and asked to vote, which is entirely optional. An @everyone may have been too impersonal, rather than discussing it in person.

The voting system goes as follows. Each person may vote once a day for 5 days, and all of us would be in different groups. Each group comes and goes, taking turns with the Torch. Voting becomes the passing of the Olympic Torch, where 7 years of people who joined at various times all vote together to light a metaphorical campfire.

But at the same time, we should acknowledge a very common suggestion over the past 2 years regarding perks. Many of you have suggested that we add perks to donate so we can advertise, that we add perks to votes so we can grow. And to be fair, these tactics would work completely fine and effectively.

But on the minecraft server listings are servers in the hundreds propelled by carrots and sticks, a perk for every act. We could join in and try to use a crate, but it does raise into question how much a smaller server could benefit in comparison.

If we used crates and keys, two things would happen. We'd lose a value of the community (through our culture, and within ourselves via overjustification). But we'd also not be entirely sure how much it'd change. We know what we have to lose but not what there is to gain.

And lastly, quantity’s a zero sum game, but quality’s not the same. Every vote for a server pushes another one down, changing nothing in the grand scheme. But to pursue something higher within our community is something in the world that we can change, in a small way. And something we could cherish within ourselves among ourselves.