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Plans for 1.11

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As you probably know, 1.11 has come out today (Nov 16). After some looking around, it appears that a spigot jar should go up on Saturday. I will try to update all Arcator servers to 1.11 during the weekend provided most plugins work (which they normally do).

However, I'd like to ask if you could consider voting for Arcator at least for the next few days. I admittingly haven't voted that much in the past few months, however now is currently the best time to vote.

The reason is that the 1.11 update offers one of those rare moments for us to occupy a niche when advertising. There's going to be a lot of 1.10 servers during the weekend, and if we could bump up the server on listings, we could easily appeal to users who prefer 1.11. The weekend is basically the best time to advertise, and we could use your help voting for Arcator in the days leading up to, and following this weekend.

The voting page has recently been overhauled and only the 3 most important links with the greatest impact are visible. However, if you're short on time, here's the most important place to vote.

Thank you for your support.