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New MC9 (Again)

Fishy and his friend xRaze have created a modpack server. To get it, use forge 1.7.10 and download the following into your config and mods folder. Hop on Discord if you need any help.

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A Plan for the Future

No one misses the friends they never got to meet,
To lose the invisible’s but a tragic feat,

This is the path that may be sown,
Lest they be, unseen, unheard, unknown...

There's been plans to begin another Arcator revival, though with all things taken into consideration many things will be different for this one.

As important as it is to provide a fun experience, advertising really is the missing key. Arcator's now been posted on several sites and hopefully this will bring in new people to meet. There's also a new plan for voting which should push us up through listings for a week or two.

You see in order to vote on the listing, often times a captcha's required which takes some time. Because of this it becomes really easy to get bored and stop voting.

However, if we were able to get every person on Arcator's Discord to vote just 5 times, we'd get 400 votes (assuming 80% of the 100 people are able). These 400 votes might just do something, a worthy shot in the dark.

If you're been on the Discord, chances are you've been messaged privately and asked to vote, which is entirely optional. An @everyone may have been too impersonal, rather than discussing it in person.

The voting system goes as follows. Each person may vote once a day for 5 days, and all of us would be in different groups. Each group comes and goes, taking turns with the Torch. Voting becomes the passing of the Olympic Torch, where 7 years of people who joined at various times all vote together to light a metaphorical campfire.

But at the same time, we should acknowledge a very common suggestion over the past 2 years regarding perks. Many of you have suggested that we add perks to donate so we can advertise, that we add perks to votes so we can grow. And to be fair, these tactics would work completely fine and effectively.

But on the minecraft server listings are servers in the hundreds propelled by carrots and sticks, a perk for every act. We could join in and try to use a crate, but it does raise into question how much a smaller server could benefit in comparison.

If we used crates and keys, two things would happen. We'd lose a value of the community (through our culture, and within ourselves via overjustification). But we'd also not be entirely sure how much it'd change. We know what we have to lose but not what there is to gain.

And lastly, quantity’s a zero sum game, but quality’s not the same. Every vote for a server pushes another one down, changing nothing in the grand scheme. But to pursue something higher within our community is something in the world that we can change, in a small way. And something we could cherish within ourselves among ourselves.

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MC12 BedWars

SkyWars has been replaced with BedWars as MC12.

If you have suggestions for possible maps, or would like to improve an existing one, ask on Discord.

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MC5 Farlands Launch!

MC5 Farlands is now up and running in the Corner Farlands! The strange thing about the map is that as you dig down, each layer appears like a completely different map. Here are some pictures below of /farlands.

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Some Reforms

New Network-Wide Builder + Architect Ranks
In MC1, the Builder and Architect ranks have had access to a variety of tools when in creative based worlds such as creative and plots. Now, all Arcator servers have Builder + Architect ranks which users can be promoted to. Unlike MC1, these ranks have creative level permissions on all worlds. This allows volunteers to assist with creative mode or WorldEdit to build new things without requiring a staff rank. Unlike staff ranks, these ranks are local and pertain only to individual servers. Staff can simply use /promote and /demote to move players through these ranks.

Introducing (Truly) Global Schematics
Global schematics now work for literally all Arcator servers. Onfim can use !sendSchematic to allow builds to move across servers which will work well with the new Architect rank. For the original post on how to use !sendSchematic, check here. Onfim can also take in downloads in the format !sendSchematic (link ending with .schematic) MC1

Announcing Endspawn Revision
The MC1 spawn that all users start in, has received a few updates since the end of the 2014 revival which saw the last of many 2011 - 2013 users. However, there's been a large increase in the number of servers and gamemodes leaving many portals squeezed into small areas.
A major renovation project is planned to merge the best of the old and new, combining elements of the 2014 revival with the numerous spawn suggestions over the past several months. The new spawn poll while decisive shows that there is a lot of room for improvement. Volunteers of any rank are welcomed to discuss plans for the spawn on the Discord.

Staff Training Revision
The staff guide now goes beyond the basics of identifying and rolling back griefs and teaches how to use arguments in various situations for more advanced cases. The guide also touches on //restore which in certain cases can work better than /co rollback by preserving item positions inside containers.
In addition, the process of making ban posts will be simplified. The multiple block edit in a screenshot rule has been waived. Just make sure there actually were 6 or more edits in the case of griefing (or any number of items for a theft). Discord is also a permissible way of attaching evidence should you find it more convenient than going to imgur.

MC1 Skycity Changes
Creativity is best left unhinged and all building codes from Skycity going back to 2014 have been repealed. The only requirement is discussing new plots with others to ensure that it doesn't interfere with other plans. Large pre-existing flat plots are in various locations to assist those who'd rather not build new platforms.

Restoration of 2014 Survival Relics
The relic builds of terry_augenikos, komix2001, and mountain house which form a large part of the peaceful survival map's story have been restored using 2014 backups. 3 years of minor changes from naive and new users from 2015 - 2017 had moved around some items in the containers and altered the farms.

Two New Machines
Jordan and Hylian have set up a new machine which may represent the future of Arcator. Built using server-grade parts, the machine will run MC1, the core of Arcator provided it is sufficiently stable. In addition, Dust has also set up a new machine for MC8 (AP). With load balancing, both machines will significantly improve performance.

Server Syncing
/menu is now synced on all servers and will always be up to date. /einfo architect and /grief on MC1 have been replaced with global bungee-based info commands.

MC2 Patches
MC2 now runs properly again on a new dedicated machine. The process by which CoreProtect and Stats3 were ported and fixed using data across 3 machines can be found here.

New MC5
Due to lack of interest, KitPvP has been hidden and MC5's slot will be replaced with a Gulliver server. Go to the Discord for more details on how to connect. Instead, this slot will be used for the original fortnight map.

MC6/7 Patches
Base and Creative groups now sync perfectly.

New MC9
Due to similar lack of interest, the old Pawns server has been hidden and replaced with a vanilla survival, currently called Fortnight. On this server, people will play vanilla survival on custom maps. These maps are voted on in polls every 2 weeks and can range from surviving in the farlands, an indev flying hell map, etc.

Smarter Onfim
Onfim can now assist with using CoreProtect by turning CoreProtect's /h ago times into readable timestamps. Simple type "###/h ago" or "unix time #####" to get a readable timestamp.
7/4/2017 2:39:44 AM UTC

Rule Changes
Global Rules have been renamed to Network Rules to reduce confusion.
Network rules apply on all arcator servers, and global rules now refer exclusively to the MCBans global rules that are used for /gbans. Use /grules to view a link for all rules that warrant /gban and /nrules for all arcator exclusive rules. In addition, the #rules channel on the Discord will now auto-update and can always be relied upon.

As a small touch, check this post at different times of day and mouse over the survival images for a 2014 time comparison. ;)
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Announcing Arcator Creativerse

Beowolf has created an Arcator server for Creativerse.

Creativerse is a free minecraft-like steam game that adds a lot of new mechanics such as craftables and mobs, somewhat like Tekkit and FTB.
For more info on how to join, check out Arcator's Discord.

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Plans for 1.12

As some of you know, Minecraft 1.12 should be coming out soon. There's a few plans for Arcator, most of which will mirror what we had for 1.11.

Basically, we're going to aim for a very rapid update of Arcator within moments of the spigot jar going public so that Arcator fills in a niche for minecraft servers. I'd like to ask all of you to take a few minutes to vote for Arcator, as things have slowed down a bit recently, and now is the best time to get people on here.

One thing that we've learned with the 1.11 update, is that MC1 will likely lag behind other servers due to the MultiInv plugin which often breaks with updates. Chances are 1.12 clients can access all servers but MC1, and 1.11.2 clients can access solely MC1, but both clients can connect with All servers but MC6 and MC7 are on 1.12 now.

Here are the 3 voting links for Arcator, they should only take 5 minutes. Thank you. It's appreciated. Smile

---------->1<---------- ---------->2<---------- ---------->3<----------
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Just a small reminder

If you're a staff member, you're expected to wish to be staff because you desire to help other people and make the community a special place.

Therefore, if you go on other servers, regardless of whether they are Arcator or non-Arcator servers, you are expected to follow their respective community rules. We're not going to enforce bans or demotions on actions that took place elsewhere, but just use your common sense and realize that if you're here to be staff to help others on Arcator, you should have no reason to cause issues in other people's communities. Follow rules if they make sense, just act in a way that doesn't cost others.

This is merely a guideline and recommendation, but if you ever find yourself griefing on some server where it's not allowed, or trolling some user at their expense, you honestly shouldn't be a staff member here. We're not going to demote you over it, but it would be appreciated if you resigned.

For any looking to apply for staff, if you agree without doubt that you will merely try to give back to a community more than you've received, we'd be happy to have you. There's a reason there's no staff limit, no demotions based on inactivity, and that's because good-will doesn't degrade with time, or lose its luster among the presence of others.

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Plans for 1.11

As you probably know, 1.11 has come out today (Nov 16). After some looking around, it appears that a spigot jar should go up on Saturday. I will try to update all Arcator servers to 1.11 during the weekend provided most plugins work (which they normally do).

However, I'd like to ask if you could consider voting for Arcator at least for the next few days. I admittingly haven't voted that much in the past few months, however now is currently the best time to vote.

The reason is that the 1.11 update offers one of those rare moments for us to occupy a niche when advertising. There's going to be a lot of 1.10 servers during the weekend, and if we could bump up the server on listings, we could easily appeal to users who prefer 1.11. The weekend is basically the best time to advertise, and we could use your help voting for Arcator in the days leading up to, and following this weekend.

The voting page has recently been overhauled and only the 3 most important links with the greatest impact are visible. However, if you're short on time, here's the most important place to vote.

Thank you for your support.

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2 Years of Arcator Chat

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