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MC1 view-distance changes

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View-distance controls the render distance that a player sees. The chunks sent (bandwidth used) and chunk physics calculated (cpu / ram used) depend on the square of the view-distance. Previously, this was 10 for all worlds with sandbox and Endspawn overriden since 2015 at 8. This being since sandbox was a low physics world which was infrequently used in 2015. Endspawn also containing most builds nearby. Though a low view-distance would turn out to be a non-issue given the nature of empty chunks not having an impact on performance.

Sandbox was set to the default server-wide view-distance as many people now play there meaning that they'd benefit from being able to see further. Endspawn was boosted to 32 as empty chunks are harmless as shown by MC4's success with view-distance of 80.

Also given the current network speed, we're testing out view-distance 12 server-wide rather than 10.