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Reintroducing KitPvP!

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Name: RestitutorOrbis (Restitutor)
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I've started work on a KitPvP server that I may be able to run off a spare machine in the meantime. The spawn map features the proposed hub spawn from an earlier poll which could be repurposed as a minigames hub.
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The server currently has a few maps added.
The Desert City came from a download I was offered back in February by a user showing off their custom tornado plugin on their server, and the map now seems to fit nicely with KitPvP.
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I was able to find an old schematic of the KOTH map that was used in MC5. It really is old and incomplete (as we lost all data on MC5 during the Sea of Crises), but if someone is willing to try modifying / making their own KOTH, feel free.
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Permission-wise, MC5's perms are basically the same as MC2's. The only difference being an Architect rank that just provides all creative permissions an Architect in MC1 would get, which should be of great help with the making of minigames.

I've also imported a few plane schematics. There's a lot of possible ideas on what to use them for. For example, having players fight each other in the plane whilst attempting to open doors to throw them outside.
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In another variation, we could have the plane filled with villagers and a single zombie is placed somewhere within. Players would then have to fight a zombie invasion, which combined with a custom resource pack could allow them to hear the engines rumble as they walk towards the mass of zombies ahead.
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An additional variation would involve having a fleet of planes nearby. Players would be able to use a powered elytra to fly between planes, allowing them to PvP anywhere in the sky.

You may remember that we used to have a custom KitPvP plugin a long time ago which was made by areoace. He expressed interest in helping remake the plugin sometime around New Years which will coincide with Curtis' server going up.