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SkyBlock - Ultra High Render Distance Tutorial

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Unlike other servers, SkyBlock is set to use an extremely high view-distance of 80. Which is made possible since the majority of chunks are empty. In order to allow your client to see much further, you'll need to edit a few files.

1. Turn off minecraft.

2. If you use OptiFine, go to .minecraft and open optionsof.txt. Change the first line, with ofRenderDistanceChunks to ofRenderDistanceChunks:80. If you do not use Optifine, open options.txt and edit the 7th line with renderDistance to renderDistance:80.

3. Turning on minecraft will apply the new settings.

Once you've changed your view-distance, you'll be able to see far more islands on SkyBlock, some of which will be more than 1000 blocks away.