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Should Arcator get a new spawn?

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Should we change the spawn on MC1?


RestitutorOrbis wrote:
I'd suggest that we stick with the current spawn.

The new spawn does look nice but an exterior surrounded with mountains is rather common and generic, while the moon spawn is special. We can still use the suggested spawn as a minigames hub with the moon spawn being kept as the main.

A spawn is the first impression for people as they enter the community, it should be unique, to show that we are not one of many servers but a truly unique place. We're a strong close community, a server with a vision, a place different from others.

The current spawn was thought of, built, and continually revised by all of us Arcatorians. Despite the openness to change and new ideas, the spawn is a synthesis of the old and the new. It brings back the revival, the last ghosts of 2011/2012 flickering back one last time before disappearing into an endless void of time...

We're a unique server, with a custom design. Let's show it, and improve upon it rather than throwing it away.

New one (Sorry about chunks not loading in):
Darrionat wrote:
I suggest we go with the new spawn.
Yes, the current one is very unique and is hardly found on other servers, but the one being proposed is very bright, colorful, and different. Other servers may have spawns like this. They have it because that is what the general public loves. It is warm and welcoming. If we have this we could have a higher potential of gaining more of a userbase. This could mean new players, new games, and a whole new genre to Arcator. This is why i suggest the proposed spawn opposed to the current spawn. Smile Big

VOTE ENDS 21th of November at 7:30pm

Poll glitched so there is -2 votes for Current


Stay with current
86% (18 votes)
Change to new
10% (2 votes)
Change to a different one
5% (1 vote)
Total voters: 21