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Should AFK Time Be Part of Player Stats?

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Over the past few days, whether AFK time should count towards player stats has been discussed. Right now, AFK time is counted just like active time, in that a person leaving MC open for a day can get as many hours as someone who plays regularly for a week.

Keep in mind there are many valid reasons for AFK'ing, such as acting as a chunk loader for a resource farm. However, having AFK time contribute to player stats means that people who actively talk to others and builds things are easily being swamped by someone just trying to race to the top.

We've already had a case in which one user would try and race to the top of the stats page, idling for 2 weeks. Thereby allowing them to surpass many other users who were so active in 2011/2012 that they had been on the stats page for 5 years, as well as the hundreds of others not visible. In theory, if AFK time is not counted like active time, everyone's playtime would be far more genuine in showing when they play rather than idle.

In addition, it is possible for past AFK time to be subtracted from the stats page. There are log files which could easily allow the statistics to be readjusted to be genuine. There is no risk of losing your non-AFK time which makes subtracting AFK time completely viable.

Also as a full disclosure, I've subtracted 100 hours from my user to compensate for my own 2015 AFK'ing. At the time I'd AFK to see if another user would login, something now obsolete with Discord. In addition, if anyone has arguments in favour of grouping AFK time, please comment and I'll add them here. This poll isn't about a race to the top, it's about accuracy, fairness, and being genuine.

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