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Should MC1/2 grandfathered staff be demoted?

Why Remove
There has been some talk about the staff list being messy, and we could shorten it by demoting the grandfathered staff that haven't logged in over a year.

Why Keep
Link... tldr; people are not a liability

Of course such staff are only present on MC1 (Creative) and MC2 (Factions), the spiritual successors of Arcator 2011/2012. They could get their position back if they request. This is a topic that we are very interested to see the results in.


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Name: Sir_Ross (Sir_Ross)
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Joined: Dec 30 2011

People who /were/ staff should be able to reclaim their rank upon attempts to be more active. It should be a fairly lenient process, but they have to show they are willing to fullfil their rank.

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Name: RestitutorOrbis (Restitutor)
Joined: Aug 24 2014

Though I honestly do not believe that it would make much of a difference either way. I believe that there is a tangible and very real benefit to having such staff.

Although it is true that the staff list could be shortened, there is not much to gain from it. We all believe that simplicity is efficiency. But the grandfathered staff system has already run in a simple polished manner. The staff list simply shows two columns to indicate the staff you are likely to see, and those who are grandfathered. No list will be shortened by removing them, instead, we will just have one page on the site show one column, instead of two.

However, I’d like to highlight the advantages of such staff. Yes, they are grandfathered because they are inactive. But realize that due to the number of staff involved, such grandfathered staff play a role in the server’s administration. In September 2016, we had a situation where Aston, one of the grandfathered staff saw a major griefing incident involving hacked clients via Discord and logged in, assisting significantly with the situation.

Let’s also not forget that to dismiss the grandfathered staff is to abandon years of accumulated experience, stretching back to the days of Minecraft Alpha. In contrast with the present, the average grandfathered staff made several bans a month and moderated hundreds of people over the course of years. While many of the current staff have less experience, such as having made few, if any bans at all. Though training is designed to equip staff with necessary experience, many aspects to experience with administration come with actual hands on administration such as keeping calm in a stressful situation. To dismiss the grandfathered staff is to dismiss not just a part of the staff base, but a large part of Arcator’s reservoir of accumulated memories and experiences.