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Aug 24 2050
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My IRC and in game name is "RestitutorOrbis" to refer to my belief that I was the "spark" that lead to the revival of Arcator. The name is a Latin title given to a Roman emperor which when translated means "Restorer of The World".

Also tell me that you're reading this, since it seems like no one reads profiles.

Prior to July 2015, my rank and the time I spent on the server would change all the time. I'd usually put a few hours everyday until getting bored and leaving for a few months before restarting the cycle. My ranks have been ever changing and I've been banned 4 times and I am now an Owner. Although the four times I've been banned were because I was blamed for griefing (2011), misconfigured the macros mod (2012), I was accused of continuing to use speed hacks (2012), and I allegedly condoned the use of hacked clients (2014). Nothing actually malicious about those 4. Smile

If you ever need to contact me (such as when the server's down), here's my email. It's sort of a riddle to confuse the spam bots Smile

(1) @openmailbox .org
1* --> put in my minecraft username here, (Restitutor)

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Default/Trusted/Builder (3 Years)->Admin (1 Month)->Owner (5 *Long* Seconds)->Admin (1 Day)->Default (8 Seconds)->OP/De Facto Owner (19 Days)->Admin (A Few Days)->Banned (3 Days)->Mod (2 Months)->Default (3 Months)->Admin (3 Months)->(Owner circa 6/13)
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My WW1 Poison Gas

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Python, Javascript (+ jQuery), Java, HTML, CSS
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3 years 7 weeks
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