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MC1 Creative, ZD, modified, OR peaceful survival /hub
MC2 Factions /factions
MC3 SkyGrid (OPEN FOR TESTING) /skygrid
MC4 Skyblock /skyblock
MC5 KitPvP (WIP) /kitpvp
MC6 Parkour (WIP) /parkour
MC7 Survival Games /sg
MC8 Arcator Pack Connection info here.
MC9 Pawns Minigame (WIP) /Pawns
MC10 Horde of Doom Adventure Map (WIP) /zd
MC11 SkyFactory (WIP)
MC12 SkyWars (WIP) /skywars
MC13 Pixelmon
What would you like to see from a new
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New Changes

MC6,7: Patched /rules.

MC1: Removed /tp from BuilderCreative.
MC7: Enabled mob-griefing.

MC1: Fixed MCBans messages to direct users to rather than
MC3: Added SkyGrid.
MC3: Added askygrid.player.* to Default and askygrid.mod.* to Mod.

Updated rules page on the site.

All 1.11.2 servers: Updated BungeeTabListPlus, DiscordSRV, FAWE, WorldEdit, WorldGuard.

MC2: Updated to 1.12 and the plugins WorldGuard, BungeeTabListPlus, FAWE, DiscordSRV, WorldEdit. Disabled LogBlock and OreObfuscator and toggled CoreProtect's MySQL settings.

MC3: Updated welcome message to show Welcome to SkyGrid rather than Welcome to SkyWars.

MC4: Updated to 1.12 and the plugins HeadHunter, ASkyBlock, WorldGuard, BungeeTabListPlus, FAWE, DiscordSRV, HolographicDisplays, WorldEdit.

MC5: Added and configured AutoSaveWorld.

Updated BungeeTabListPlus (on BungeeCord) and BungeeCord.
Updated BungeeTabListPlus on MC1.
MC1,3,6,7: Added ViaVersion (1.12 support).

All Spigot Servers: Updated several plugins and moved to 1.12!
MC1: Set disableElytraMovementCheck to true and disabled NCP CreativeFly check.

All Servers: Updated DiscordSRV.
MC2: Reverted map to June 10 2017.
MC6,7: Fixed MCBans config.

All Spigot Servers: Updated IPWhitelist config.
MC13: Re-enabled CraftIRC.

MC1: Merged unic0rnappl3 and Meepu LB data.

MC1: Updated /einfo commands.
MC1: Set all essentials /mail prompts to refer to /email to avoid confusion.

Bungee: Updated BungeeTabListPlus.

MC1: Added automatic MultiInv book backups.
MC1: Toggled compatibility mode to true on MultiInv.

This page will be continually updated as changes occur.

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More Servers

Vote here on ideas for future possible servers.
This is where you can also just give general gameplay suggestions.

For more information on Mindcrack, please go here.


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Darrion's Resignation and Leaving

The title tells you the bottom of the pyramid, if you would like to know why, continue reading. I feel Arcator is becoming something that is not needed in my life. I do not need to be on here, and I am being pushed away from it and being pulled by other interests. I have recently hardly played Minecraft, logged on to Arcator, viewed Discord, or anything that relates to Arcator. I feel as if I leave I will help some people by letting them be away from me, as many people on Arcator do not like me very much. As I write this, I view Discord. There is 60 offline players, and I will be one of them after this post. I may look on Discord every now and then, but I promise you it will hardly be any time at all. I will be walking away from Arcator. I have other interests as I have said, but I also want to take care of many things in person also. I need to bring my life together in a more unified, efficient, and dedicated way. I have planned many goals for what I will be doing, and what I have been doing. For those who do not want me on Arcator, panic no more, your wish has came. For those who like me personally, I can keep in touch with you, but it must be in a way not relating to Arcator. I have many passions of things I want to be do. Running being my largest passion and thing I dedicate time to. Photography being the next, as i am going in to professional photography, for those of you that did not know. As i was typing this I realized nobody on here knows what has really happened to me over the last course of 10 months. I feel this is the right thing to do, and it will go well. Arcator will carry through and be generational, as long as people stay. But remember to make people feel welcomed, or they will feel the same way I do right now. Not welcomed. I request every time you see someone new log in you say "Welcome to Arcator!" I request that you hear someone that has a personal problem that you help them get through it. I request that when someone talks about something that they are passionate about, that you keep the conversation going. I request that when someone asks you a question, you give the best possible answer you can. I request that you care for these people, and you continually update them on you and have them update you on them. Make everyone feel as if they are a part of a community. Do not leave someone out, or else they will slowly disappear.

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Plans for 1.12

As some of you know, Minecraft 1.12 should be coming out soon. There's a few plans for Arcator, most of which will mirror what we had for 1.11.

Basically, we're going to aim for a very rapid update of Arcator within moments of the spigot jar going public so that Arcator fills in a niche for minecraft servers. I'd like to ask all of you to take a few minutes to vote for Arcator, as things have slowed down a bit recently, and now is the best time to get people on here.

One thing that we've learned with the 1.11 update, is that MC1 will likely lag behind other servers due to the MultiInv plugin which often breaks with updates. Chances are 1.12 clients can access all servers but MC1, and 1.11.2 clients can access solely MC1, but both clients can connect with All servers but MC6 and MC7 are on 1.12 now.

Here are the 3 voting links for Arcator, they should only take 5 minutes. Thank you. It's appreciated. Smile

---------->1<---------- ---------->2<---------- ---------->3<----------
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Clarifying MSurvival's Gamerules

There's been some confusion over the state of keepInventory and fall damage. Officially and originally, the world had keepInv off and fall damage on. Though this was toggled sometime later for an unknown reason. This poll will clarify the existing gamerules on the world.
You can pick two options to vote for both policies individually.


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Just a small reminder

If you're a staff member, you're expected to wish to be staff because you desire to help other people and make the community a special place.

Therefore, if you go on other servers, regardless of whether they are Arcator or non-Arcator servers, you are expected to follow their respective community rules. We're not going to enforce bans or demotions on actions that took place elsewhere, but just use your common sense and realize that if you're here to be staff to help others on Arcator, you should have no reason to cause issues in other people's communities. Follow rules if they make sense, just act in a way that doesn't cost others.

This is merely a guideline and recommendation, but if you ever find yourself griefing on some server where it's not allowed, or trolling some user at their expense, you honestly shouldn't be a staff member here. We're not going to demote you over it, but it would be appreciated if you resigned.

For any looking to apply for staff, if you agree without doubt that you will merely try to give back to a community more than you've received, we'd be happy to have you. There's a reason there's no staff limit, no demotions based on inactivity, and that's because good-will doesn't degrade with time, or lose its luster among the presence of others.

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Arcators 2012 spawn revision

Revision of Arcators 2012 spawn
Dear Arcatorians,
Me, werewolf991, and jordanbw1 have decided to renovate Arcators 2012 spawn. We understand this world is full of memories so we have decided to take that into consideration. We all agreed to leave the buildings intact, but just fix some of the little cracks in them. If any 2012 arcatorians would like to have their house decorated or fixed let either KomodoDragon108, werewolf991, or jordanbw1 know so we may do that. And if any arcator staff members would like to help let one of us know so we can add you to the list. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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Our New Global Owner

As you know, Arcator over the past 18 months has underwent an explosion in the number of servers from MC1 to MC12 make that MC13. Given how each of these servers has about 30 plugins, hundreds of config files, and thousands of settings, the amount of administration required for small changes has significantly increased. For this reason I'm introducing Onfim as Global Owner to assist with management.

You may've known Onfim as the friendly user who roams our Discord. His dedication to being online near constantly makes him a great possible asset for our staff team. While having not achieved a single thing with his Admin rank on Discord, I still believe he can be an invaluable member for Arcator's future.

Our friend Onfim will now be in charge of Arcator starting on April 1st 2017. He will be managing a large number of plugins and config files on all servers. I hope to show him how to manage MC6 and MC7 with time.

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Should AFK Time Be Part of Player Stats?

BBCode Image

Over the past few days, whether AFK time should count towards player stats has been discussed. Right now, AFK time is counted just like active time, in that a person leaving MC open for a day can get as many hours as someone who plays regularly for a week.

Keep in mind there are many valid reasons for AFK'ing, such as acting as a chunk loader for a resource farm. However, having AFK time contribute to player stats means that people who actively talk to others and builds things are easily being swamped by someone just trying to race to the top.

We've already had a case in which one user would try and race to the top of the stats page, idling for 2 weeks. Thereby allowing them to surpass many other users who were so active in 2011/2012 that they had been on the stats page for 5 years, as well as the hundreds of others not visible. In theory, if AFK time is not counted like active time, everyone's playtime would be far more genuine in showing when they play rather than idle.

In addition, it is possible for past AFK time to be subtracted from the stats page. There are log files which could easily allow the statistics to be readjusted to be genuine. There is no risk of losing your non-AFK time which makes subtracting AFK time completely viable.

Also as a full disclosure, I've subtracted 100 hours from my user to compensate for my own 2015 AFK'ing. At the time I'd AFK to see if another user would login, something now obsolete with Discord. In addition, if anyone has arguments in favour of grouping AFK time, please comment and I'll add them here. This poll isn't about a race to the top, it's about accuracy, fairness, and being genuine.

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Should some grandfathered staff be demoted?

Why Remove
There has been some talk about the staff list being messy, and we could shorten it by demoting the grandfathered staff that haven't logged in over a year.

Why Keep
Link... tldr; people are not a liability

Of course such staff are only present on MC1 (Creative) and MC2 (Factions), the spiritual successors of Arcator 2011/2012. They could get their position back if they request. This is a topic that we are very interested to see the results in.


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