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Welcome to Arcator!

The philosophy of Arcator has always been to provide a fun experience, meaning even new users to the server can build straight away, making use of the majority of commands and building tools. It's frustrating when it can take weeks to become trusted on a server. If you want a server where you can just play, meet people, and worry about ranks later, Arcator is the place for you.


SINCE 2010!
Come and join us - it's easy. Just put the following: and type the command below.

MC1 Creative, ZD, modified, OR peaceful survival /Hub
MC2 Factions /Factions
MC4 Skyblock /Skyblock
MC5 COMING SOONish! (KitPvP) /KitPvP
MC6 WIP (OPPrison, WIP Details Here) /OPPrison
MC7 Survival Games /SG
MC8 Arcator Pack Connection info here.
MC9 WIP (Pawns Minigame) /Pawns
MC10 WIP (Horde of Doom Adventure Map) /zd
What would you like to see from a new
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New Changes

MC9: Disabled worldedit logging.
MC9: Fixed //restore by editting WorldEdit config.
MC9: Removed unused iDisguise folder.
MC9: Removed outdated IP Whitelist IP.
MC9: Set max world backups for AutoSaveWorld from 8 to 20.
MC9: Fixed DiscordSRV token.
MC9: Disabled MySQL and moved to flatfile for Stats3.
MC9: Updated LibsDisguises and ProtocolLib.

MC5, MC9: Updated ports to match BungeeCord, making them accessible.

Site: Several changes to modules + miscellaneous site changes.

This page will be continually updated as changes occur.

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More Servers

Vote here on ideas for future possible servers.
This is where you can also just give general gameplay suggestions.

For more information on Mindcrack, please go here.


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Should some grandfathered staff be demoted?

Why Remove
There has been some talk about the staff list being messy, and we could shorten it by demoting the grandfathered staff that haven't logged in over a year.

Why Keep (link)

Of course such staff are only present on MC1 and MC2, and they could get their position back if they request. This is a topic that we are very intrested to see the results in.


Your Vote

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With Regards To Some Data Loss

As some of you may know, Arcator had a fairly severe issue this Monday. One of the staff ran commands which caused great harm to about 15 maps across multiple servers. It was a blow, and will require a lot of effort to recover from. However, while many would advocate that we now further restrict staff ranks, I would like to argue in favour of the current system. A system which requires a certain (and obviously not measurable level of) trust, maturity, and competence.

I think it would be best to address the obvious response first. That to have one person destroy so much, should serve as a sign for greater restrictions on staff. I fully understand this view, but believe that the current requirements are sufficient and actually proven necessary by this event.

Although it would seem and perhaps is so, that reducing the number of staff would reduce the chance of problems like these, we must never forget the hidden cost of blocking out the multitude of good and genuine users who wish to help out and would be unable to be staff with increased restrictions set in place.

While I understand that this event hurts, especially if you lost builds which you may have spent days if not weeks working on. I believe that the best action is to recognize that the costs of blocking out viable staff with increased restrictions outweighs the risk. Arcator has only had one major blow from a staff member since we revived in 2014. That we were able as a community, to avoid having trusted staff hurt the server and the community as a whole, is a sign of the immense trust and interconnectedness of our community.

Let’s go back to a similar event, similarly catastrophic nearly 5 years ago. In early 2012, one of the Arcator owners deleted MC1 and attempted to delete the site. One of the most trusted users, the foundations of our community, seemed to have turned on us. It hurt. It still hurts now, that we can not explore the buildings and dreams of our past selves who roamed in 2011. Restrictions were made, in an attempt to avoid a repeat incident.

No one mourns the actions of people which never came to fruition. No one thinks or can ever know the what-if behind a decision. When we restrict staff, we restrict people from helping us. To have run with nearly 100 staff positions on the 10 servers that make up the network shows the extremely low risk of having every capable, every trusted, and every altruistic person act as a staff member. Perhaps the multitude of staff is the reason raw probability caused our loss. But perhaps the incalculable good of countless staff who were able to administrate over the course of more than two full years is a sign that the good to be gained outweighs the inevitable risk. Inevitable risk as we are all ultimately human.

We all yearn for a perfect world. We all know it isn’t possible. As humans, no amount of restrictions will be able to guarantee the lack of risk in trusting someone with staff. More care will be taken with staff promotions, but sometimes we have to accept risks, not just in Arcator, not just with friends, but for life in general.

We’ve all been wronged by someone before, shedding tears at least once in our lives. But would any of us decide to avoid interacting with people, just because we were wronged? If we continue to take the risk of interacting with others, because people add value to life in general, despite sometimes harming us. Then why can’t we trust?

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Should Obsidian be able to be blown up by TNT in factions?

Without the plugin bases would not be able to be raided making it unfair, on the other hand the faction does have to work for the obsidian to make the base, Should obsidian be able to be blown up by tnt?


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Should Factions power regen speed up?

Power currently regens at 1 power every 30 minutes. Please let us know if you want this speed to stay the same of slow down. (poll ends 12/10/16)


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New Machine

The machine has now been built!

In the upcoming months, we will be adding KitPvP and a few other servers. The machine running the new servers costs around £270/$330. This is all the specs of the machine:

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

Type Item Price
CPU AMD A10-7850K 3.7GHz Quad-Core Processor £91.40 @ CCL Computers
Motherboard Asus A88XM-A Micro ATX FM2+ Motherboard £59.94 @ Eclipse Computers
Memory Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory £42.98 @ Novatech
Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive £41.99 @ Amazon UK
Case Antec NSK3100 MicroATX Mini Tower Case £29.79 @ Amazon UK
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total £277.09
Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-11-29 07:17 GMT+0000

This is just a small blog post explaining what will be happening in the upcoming weeks and months.

PS: If anyone is interested in my internet speeds, i will put an image below.

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Should the s_pvp map be converted into a modified survival?

The s_pvp map on MC1 is currently a completely vanilla gamemode where raiding and griefing are allowed. However, given how raiding and griefing are also allowed on Factions and that there are multiple requests for a modified survival, I am suggesting that the s_pvp gamemode be replaced.

If s_pvp were replaced, the map would remain the exact same. Instead, there would only be changes to the rules (no more griefing / raiding), and the possible addition of some commands or a shop. Since the modified survival and current s_pvp map would both have hostiles, the current map could be kept as we wouldn't have to worry about the economy getting ruined by switching between gamemodes with or without hostiles.

Node Quadruple-Seven get Tongue


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Should Skyblock have McMMO?

Should Skyblock have the McMMO Plug-in?
Info about McMMO on this website:
This poll ends on December 1st.


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Vampire Plug-in (mc2)

Back in 2011's time, we had this plugin: We are wondering if we should reinstall it on MC2. Let us know your opinion! (All vampire information is in the link)


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