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Welcome to Arcator!

Arcator ("ark-ah-tor", not "ark-aytor") is a network of Minecraft servers that has existed in some form or another since 2010.

The leading philosophy of Arcator has always been to provide a fun experience, meaning even new users to the server can get building straight away, making use of the majority of commands and building tools. It's frustrating when it can take weeks to become trusted on a server. If you want a server where you can just connect, build, and worry about ranks later, Arcator is the place for you.


SINCE 2010!
Come and join us - it's easy. Just put the following: arcator.co.uk and type the command below.

MC1 Creative, ZD, raiding OR peaceful survival /Hub
MC2 Factions /Factions
MC3 Tekkit Classic tkt.arcator.co.uk:11645
MC4 Skyblock /Skyblock
MC5 COMING SOONish! (NetherPvP) /NetherPvP
MC6 WIP (OPPrison, WIP Details Here) /OPPrison
MC7 Survival Games /SG
MC8 FTB Connection info here.
MC9 WIP (Pawns Minigame) /Pawns
MC10 WIP Survival Roleplay /srp
S1 WIP (Island Survival) /ISurvival
S2 WIP (OPFactions) /OPFactions
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What would you like to see from a new Arcator.co.uk?

Update by Curtis:

We have decided to make a v2 of this website, We are currently making the list of resources we need on the new website. If you would like to add something to the list please post it in the comments of this post.

Hello everyone. There is a good chance that we're on the brink of another Arcator Revival, having got RestitutorOrbis and cindercrow7 on the case. They have already got the server updated to Minecraft 1.8.7.

This website, arcator.co.uk, runs on Drupal version 6. It has approached the end of its life, - I wouldn't expect it to be around for more than a year - meaning that continuing to run it will be a security risk. Updating a Drupal site to a new version can be painful even with a simple site, and we have a lot of custom code running here that doesn't necessarily make use of Drupal's module system properly. I wouldn't expect any of it to work properly on Drupal 7 or 8 without some heavy rewriting, which I'm not sure would be worth the time or effort (and I'm not sure I could really provide either).

So that means my plan is to save all the pages on this site and its other sections (Stream, Quotes, Wiki) and host them as a static archive (think Wayback Machine - archive.arcator.co.uk) for future reference, and put together a new Drupal site.

I'm interested in not only providing a site for information about Arcator and Minecraft, but making a place for Arcator's long time members and community to talk about other games and interests. That could mean - along with a new Stream and server status updates section - having a better forum or maybe a Reddit-style subcommunity system going. A lot is possible. What do you want out of this site?

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New Changes

Updated DiscordSRV to v 12.1 on MC1,2,4,6,7,10,11.
Updated to new IRC format for MC10.
Updated FAWE for MC4,6,7,10,11.
Fixed port issue on MC10 (SRP is back!).

Fixed issue where only the most recent private messages could be seen on the site.
Updated DiscordSRV from v11.0 to DiscordSRV-Build-12.666-SNAPSHOT-44.jar (12.1 release version doesn't work) on MC8 (FTB).
Removed DiscordSRV's CannedResponses, PurgeCommand, and updated the DiscordCommandFormat (/discord) for MC8.
Changed the MC8 discord message for "MC8 started up / shut down" to "MC8 (FTB) started up / shut down."
Downgraded MC8 discord after issues back to v11.0.

Updated CoreProtect from 2.12 to 2.13.1 on MC2.
Integrated Island Survival (S1) - Added and configured 12 plugins.

MC1,2,4,6,7,11,S1,S2: Updated DiscordSRV from 12.1 to 12.2 and fixed join messages not appearing.
MC1,2,4,6,7,11,S1,S2: Implemented AdminBase group to unify more permissions.

MC2: Updated MassiveCore + Factions.
MC4: Merged Admin with Admin+.
MC7,S1,S2: Updated EssentialsX.
MC8: Discord icon changed from Absol to Porygon.

Implemented a dedicated S-class bungeecord at s.arcator.co.uk:10000

S1: Added SignShops, KitAdder, and Vault. Fixed rank prefixes not appearing.

MC1: Moved essentials.seen from Default to Builder.
MC1: Removed duplicate permission, multiverse.portal.access.* from DefaultCreative.
MC1: Added worldedit.biome.info and worldedit.tool.info to DefaultCreative.

Added the following to DefaultBase (all servers).

  • worldedit.tool.farwand
  • worldedit.selection.shift
  • worldedit.selection.expand
  • worldedit.selection.size
  • worldedit.selection.inset
  • worldedit.selection.outset
  • worldedit.selection.contract
  • worldedit.selection.chunk
  • worldedit.selection.hpos
  • worldedit.selection.pos
  • worldedit.help
  • worldedit.clipboard.rotate
  • worldedit.clipboard.flip
  • worldedit.clipboard.clear
  • worldedit.schematic.formats
  • worldedit.chunkinfo
  • worldedit.listchunks
  • worldedit.biome.list

MC1: Added the following to Default for [s] maps and corresponding negation nodes for [s_pvp] maps.

  • worldedit.analysis.count
  • worldedit.analysis.distr
  • worldedit.clipboard.copy

MC1: Made all survival_pvp_nether and survival_pvp_the_end inherit off of survival_pvp rather than survival.

MC9: Put back online using Dust's machine and updated Jobs from 3.4.7 to 3.6.3.
MC9: Updated DiscordSRV from 10 to 12.2 and TimeIsMoney.
MC9: Temporarily disabled IRC.
MC9: Implemented BaseGroups, resulting in 300 nodes being replaced with 4.

MC9: Removed Multiverse-Core and Multiverse-Portals.
MC4: Fixed dynmaps for the site.

Bungee: Made changes to the BungeeTabListPlus config to appear cleaner and more concise.

MC1: Added g:default to __global__ in [s].
Site: Added an easter egg to the front page.

General: Added fawe.worldguard, fawe.plotsquared, fawe.cancel to DefaultBase.

Site: Expanded easter egg and made it (+ front page code) more efficient.

This page will be continually updated as changes occur.

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More Servers

Vote here on ideas for future possible servers.
This is where you can also just give general gameplay suggestions.


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What will the next Discord Logos Be?

BBCode Image
Vote on what type of pokemon you want it to be on Discord. Feel free to add your own votes!

Your Vote

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New Separate Peaceful Map

There's been a lot of discussion over the past few days over ideas for MC1's peaceful map. I've avoided implementing some ideas such as purchasable hostile mob drops given how it'd affect the peaceful economy. (The map is 2 years old and the brief 2 month period where monsters have spawned led to an interesting situation where rotten flesh, bones, and gunpowder are all technically obtainable but finite and worth about the same as diamonds.)

However, I've realized that based off the way the config files are organized, we could really easily add a new peaceful map to MC1 and have it copy all the settings (such as no fall damage) from the current map. Given the ease of implementing, it's completely possible to make a new peaceful map and then implement ideas such as currency, item shops, etc. As an added bonus, we could generate this peaceful map when 1.11 comes out so users don't have to walk a considerable distance to leave the 1.5 chunks near Oldspawn or the 1.7 chunks near the current spawn. Really, any idea is possible for this new map so comment with suggestions.

Won't this (3 new worlds) slow the server down?
No. Few resources are used if a chunk isn't loaded. Adding 3 worlds and having people spread out across a few more worlds would be about the same as having people spread out across the existing peaceful map. Adding a new peaceful map will literally only offer more options for people to play.

Right now, we're going to wait for an update to 1.11. I'm keen on updating the (12) server(s) rather quickly (within 3 - 7 days) and then advertising at the same time to fill a niche for users who would prefer 1.11 servers over 1.10. Once we update to 1.11, we can generate the map.

Need help?
We could use help for the new spawn. If you're interested in helping make the spawn, comment below. I'm giving full creative license to make any type of spawn, just note that there's only one spawn that needs to be made and there may be others interested in helping as well. You may want to use this forum post to find those who are interested and come to an agreement on the new spawn design.

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User Activity Visualization

I recommend that the first time you watch this, you find a 15 minute block of time to watch the video without pausing or skipping through (try not to skip early 2014 either).

Every name in green marks the first time a user logged in.
Every red name marks when they left for the last time...
The size of each name represents how long they stayed, before moving on.

Here, you can see thousands of souls pass by in instants. Countless people that they also met, interacted with, and played. Every friendship and every fight, all the result of passing names.

The numbers on the bottom show the number of new users, the net change, and the number of users who left each day.

Everyone, and the network itself are destined to end eventually. But every once a while, people get together to try sailing against the sea of time...

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Some PEX Changes

A change has been made to all 1.10 servers to simplify PEX. Since there are close to 100 duplicate permission nodes on each server such as for things like essentials.help or essentials.warp, two new PEX groups have been made. These are called DefaultBase and ModBase and they store all the basic permissions that are needed and the exact same on all Arcator servers.

There are a few advantages to making BaseGroups. The first of which is that all the basic permissions are now outside the rank groups (Default, Mod). When looking at these ranks, the only permissions will be for things which are important to the local server such as askyblock.admin in MC4 or essentials.sell in MC6. Staff simply won't have to look through 100 permission nodes that should be present like essentials.ban and can instead quickly find permission nodes pertaining to the server's gamemode.

In addition, rather than trying to add a new command to a rank by manually typing /pex group add, the new system will simply have the new permission added to a BaseGroup (such as DefaultBase or ModBase). Then, every month or so, we can go around and update the BaseGroups inside a server's permissions.yml, thereby adding the change.

The new system effectively removes 1100 permission nodes from Arcator (12 servers adds some complexity Tongue ).

A few changes were made to other servers while this was implemented.
essentials.mail.send was removed from MC2, MC6, and MC7's Default rank as mail is handled by a Bungee plugin.
essentials.spawn was added to MC4's Default.
MC6's default has bypass nodes for the cooldown of /heal and /feed.
Removed essentials.nick permissions and made essentials.nick and essentials.nick.color available to Defaults on all servers.
essentials.chat.ignoreexempt was moved from Admin to Mod on all servers.
essentials.kit.adminkit, essentials.tpo, essentials.vanish.effect was added to Mod on all servers.

Added the following to all Defaults on all servers.

  • essentials.customtext
  • essentials.info
  • essentials.ignore
  • essentials.gc
  • permissions.manage.groups.list
  • permissions.manage.worlds
  • permissions.manage
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Roleplay Type For MC10

My Server Is Half Survival, Half Roleplay

What type of roleplay should I use?

Life, having Jobs, Shops, Hunger, Thirst, ect.
School, Having Classes, Dorms, (Maybe Hunger, Thirst)Ect.


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Opening Up Info Commands

Over the past year, a number of info commands have been opened up to all users including Defaults. Many of these commands have been said to offer no value and it’s been said that Defaults “should have no reason to use them”. However, I believe in opening up many info commands. Here I’ll explain why I believe the (minute) security risk posed from having such commands is completely overshadowed by the much larger advantage of simply fulfilling people’s curiosity when they wonder how things work.

First off, let’s establish what kind of commands are being allowed for people.

/gc offers information on RAM usage, # of entities, etc across the entire server as well as individual worlds.
BBCode Image
/pex group can be allowed to only list the nodes which each group has. Now, people can literally know what every promotion entails without having to ask only to receive an incomplete answer.
BBCode Image
The list goes on and on but other info commands that users can use include /mvp list, /mv list, /who, /pl, /?, etc.

Now, why focus on allowing so many info commands? Some argue that opening up info creates a lot of security holes. If someone can use /pl they might be able to tell if NCP is on or off and nuke the map, or perhaps they’d figure out some command that shouldn’t have been allowed. These are genuine threats but few people will attempt it and we can go so far as to say that actually having a vulnerability found is a really good thing.

Some of you may have heard of security through obscurity. A belief that secrecy of a design can provide security. However, realize that by hiding plugin and PEX node info, what we’re really doing is taking a security vulnerability and delaying the time until it is likely found. As of now, us staff are full of energy to quickly and efficiently respond to any security hole. We can’t exactly predict whether our responsiveness will be the same (of course responsiveness is what we wish) several months or even a couple years from now.

It didn’t take someone with info commands to realize that /break was allowed in MC1 survival when it wasn’t supposed to be. In fact, had we allowed info commands it’s probable that we could’ve dealt with /break being allowed in the wrong worlds far sooner. The command was first used during my three week break, during which no one checked the log files for commands. When the use of /break was found after the three weeks, the impact on the map’s economy was far greater than had it first been used prior to the 3 week absence when it could’ve been noticed and patched immediately. The consequences of /break occuring during my absence emulate how a decrease in responsiveness which could occur in the unpredictable future leads to a delay in addressing security holes. By allowing info commands, vulnerabilities will actually be found sooner rather than later, and that is a really good thing.

However, finding vulnerabilities is not the main reason I am in favour of info commands for all users. Instead, I believe that simply answering someone’s curiosity about how things work is more beneficial than the risk of having such commands. For every person who might try to harm the server by probing into it, there will be many others who will be able to have their questions answered in being allowed to see things such as our PEX groups or plugins. The risk for malice is virtually non-existent and as staff we could easily cover for it in the event anything happens. But remember, keeping these info commands lets people’s curiosity get satisfied. Perhaps it’s a small thing, but it is a good thing for all (curious) users.

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The Architect Rank

Some people have been talking about restricting Architect and I’d like to explain why Architect is currently being given out as frequently as it is. To those who don’t know, the Architect rank possesses all the permissions given to Builder along with a restricted form of WorldEdit.

Over the past few months we’ve dealt with a few Architect incidents. Skillzzz_ attempted to grief large parts of creative with mob spawners and Qw_Gaming crashed the server by accidentally spawning large amounts of falling gravel.

What we have to realize is that these mistakes (and griefs) are inevitable and simply restricting Architect to a smaller and smaller portion of users is simply not going to prevent the server crashes and griefs that result from misuse.

Yes, Skillzzz_ griefed with Architect in a way no Builder could have but we can look back on the past few years. The number of griefs by Builders and up is really small and the act of griefing by some of our most trusted ranks is inevitable. Rewt64 was Admin when he griefed and we all remember when Kieraan deleted the server in 2012 as Owner.

As for Qw_Gaming, remember when seandelacourt accidentally crashed our server in late 2014’s revival, hurting our uptime? Or way back in 2011 when Banana937 used //thaw 10000000. Yes, the server crashed but human error is going to happen.

We simply can’t get complete security while giving people WorldEdit. But I believe that we should accept this and continue to run the server without so heavily restricting the Architect rank.

A griefing incident with WorldEdit has only happened once in the full year Architect has been running. The cost of which is just a few hours on behalf of an Owner and some staff. Yes, taking a few hours out of your day is a lot, but it’s perfectly reasonable when you realize that the cost of only a few hours every few months is what makes the creativity of all the other Architects thrive.

To give WorldEdit to people is to remove one of the largest constraints to building, the need to place many blocks. People like lava4538 used to take weeks building a small part of his stadium, with WorldEdit he finished the other 90% in a few hours. I believe that when we look at the countless people whose creativity can run unhindered with WorldEdit, the price of a few hours on behalf of staff every few months is worthwhile. I believe that as staff we should be willing to take on a small burden so that so many other people can get WorldEdit and build with no constraints but their own creativity.

Remember when you were a default, trusted, or builder? When you had to fill in hundreds and then thousands of blocks while your mind raced with ideas? All of this busywork adds up to many hours and providing WorldEdit is one way that we can reach an ideal. An ideal where people can build anything they imagine without being constrained by the speed they can fill in shapes. In the months we’ve run with Architect, I’ve seen people build cities, fortresses, and even detailed planets. None of this could’ve been even remotely possible without Architect.

Risk is inevitable. But as staff we must be willing to sacrifice a little so that the masses of people, the countless builders on our creative map, are able to pursue their creativity.

Thank you for reading this.

A fortress by Sarah_C_Polk
BBCode Image
The plot, soccer field, and nearly everything in the background were built more quickly with SirToxicz's access to WorldEdit.
BBCode Image
10% of lava4538's stadium took a couple of weeks, 90% took only a few hours.
BBCode Image

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