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MC1 Creative, ZD, modified, OR peaceful survival /hub
MC2 Factions /factions
MC3 SkyGrid (OPEN FOR TESTING) /skygrid
MC4 Skyblock /skyblock
MC5 Farlands /farlands
MC6 Parkour (WIP) /parkour
MC7 Insane Survival /isurvival
MC8 Arcator Pack Connection info here.
MC9 RazePack Connection info here.
MC10 Horde of Doom Adventure Map (Reserved) /zd
MC11 SkyFactory (Reserved)
MC12 BedWars(WIP) /bedwars
MC13 Pixelmon
C1 Creativerse Click link for connection info.
What would you like to see from a new
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New Changes

9/01/2017, 9/02/2017, etc
Addressed data loss on one of the machines.

Finished remaking updater plugin database.

Changed the Arcator motd from "A Server with a Vision" to "Community with a Vision".
Onfim: Set up SSL sockets.

MC4: Enabled Dynmaps and ASkyBlock integration.
MC4: Added Spawn world to backup list.

MC1: Reset NCP config.
MC4: Removed grass and fixed map generation in Spawn world.
MC4: Increased max # of world backups from 8 to 32.
MC1,4: Fixed Discord config.
BungeeCord: Changed the motd to a randomized one.
All Spigot Servers: Updated WorldEdit.

Executed WorldBorder trim on [peaceful] survival and creative maps.

MC1: Added ViaVersion and ViaBackwards.

MC2,4,5,12: Updated ViaVersion.
Created backup system for MC4,9,11.
Imported ModPack as new MC9 Fortnight.

Merged MusicBot into Onfim.
Recreated lava map preview.

MC9: Uploaded the new RazePack v. 1.2.

Gave xRaze_ the ability to auto-update the RazePack server and download.
Refreshed private keys, mandated key file auth, and replaced RSA with ED25519. Simplified authorized_keys files.

MC1,8: Fixed DiscordSRV config.

MC6,7, Auto Syncer: Fixed DiscordSRV config.
MC7: Fixed quota issue.

This page will be continually updated as changes occur.

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More Servers

Vote here on ideas for future possible servers.
This is where you can also just give general gameplay suggestions.

For more information on Mindcrack, please go here.


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A Security Alert

Several months ago on February 2017, a security breach was found on 16net. A hacker was able to gain read-write access into parts of the machine. We're not sure if they were able to retrieve the database for the site, but please change your password as a precaution.

The passwords stored on the site should be safe with a hash and salt. Which is to say that it's encrypted in a form which is extremely difficult to reverse but again, as a precaution it's recommended you change your password.

To avoid a repeat and make sure the site is more secure in the future, the new Arcator v2 site is open to registrations. The site is still a WIP and isn't ready for use, but I'll try posting weekly updates on its development and hopefully finish it soon. For now, opening registrations will help with a far smoother transition when the new site is up. The registration code is df8792e6.

I'm sorry it took so long for this post to come out. If any hole comes up in the future, we'll bring it up immediately with everyone. If there's any questions feel free to ask me on Discord or the site.

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New MC9 (Again)

Fishy and his friend xRaze have created a modpack server. To get it, use forge 1.7.10 and download the following into your config and mods folder. Hop on Discord if you need any help.

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MC1 Spawn Proposal

The MC1 spawn we have right now could use some changes. There are portals to some gamemodes but not others, and people have said that it is dark and lacks colour. But at the same time, one of the reasons that the Endspawn (space station) map was used is because it's a link and a tether to 2014, the continual narrative of Arcator.

BBCode Image

As an alternative, what if we set the default spawn to the current creative spawn. The cradle of the 2014 revival in October to mid-november. We'd still have a tether to the past, but it'd bring in ideas of being more colourful and open. It'd also mean that instead of going through a space and then creative spawn to get to the creative world, people would start directly in one gamemode with the option to use /menu to access others (or use the still working portals in the creative spawn to play peaceful).

BBCode Image

We could also use the Endspawn but with changes. The map could use a lot of upgrades but we'd need to discuss how to improve the old without a complete replacement of the new. We could use this post here to leave comments to discuss ideas for the Endspawn.

So should we use the creative or Endspawn as the main spawn for MC1?
BBCode Image
BBCode Image


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a surver with mods and it be survival on hard

I have mods for the current 1.12.1 up date and want people to come and vote on it or comment what they would like. I will be building it but i cant run it but I had an idea were it is survival but everyone gets an area to build and there be no stealing or breaking items of other people. and if people want to do pvp then i will set up a pvp battle arena. I also want to make it like a rp area were you choose what openings are a valible and you do what is needed to help out a town or you could be in like a mining or lumber or a bunch of other areas. and it all in small towns that the leaders choose were they want theirs to be and then i build it for them. I can also be paid {I main builder} but i can build an extra add on or make your furniture for some low payment depending on what u are.


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A Plan for the Future

No one misses the friends they never got to meet,
To lose the invisible’s but a tragic feat,

This is the path that may be sown,
Lest they be, unseen, unheard, unknown...

There's been plans to begin another Arcator revival, though with all things taken into consideration many things will be different for this one.

As important as it is to provide a fun experience, advertising really is the missing key. Arcator's now been posted on several sites and hopefully this will bring in new people to meet. There's also a new plan for voting which should push us up through listings for a week or two.

You see in order to vote on the listing, often times a captcha's required which takes some time. Because of this it becomes really easy to get bored and stop voting.

However, if we were able to get every person on Arcator's Discord to vote just 5 times, we'd get 400 votes (assuming 80% of the 100 people are able). These 400 votes might just do something, a worthy shot in the dark.

If you're been on the Discord, chances are you've been messaged privately and asked to vote, which is entirely optional. An @everyone may have been too impersonal, rather than discussing it in person.

The voting system goes as follows. Each person may vote once a day for 5 days, and all of us would be in different groups. Each group comes and goes, taking turns with the Torch. Voting becomes the passing of the Olympic Torch, where 7 years of people who joined at various times all vote together to light a metaphorical campfire.

But at the same time, we should acknowledge a very common suggestion over the past 2 years regarding perks. Many of you have suggested that we add perks to donate so we can advertise, that we add perks to votes so we can grow. And to be fair, these tactics would work completely fine and effectively.

But on the minecraft server listings are servers in the hundreds propelled by carrots and sticks, a perk for every act. We could join in and try to use a crate, but it does raise into question how much a smaller server could benefit in comparison.

If we used crates and keys, two things would happen. We'd lose a value of the community (through our culture, and within ourselves via overjustification). But we'd also not be entirely sure how much it'd change. We know what we have to lose but not what there is to gain.

And lastly, quantity’s a zero sum game, but quality’s not the same. Every vote for a server pushes another one down, changing nothing in the grand scheme. But to pursue something higher within our community is something in the world that we can change, in a small way. And something we could cherish within ourselves among ourselves.

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MC12 BedWars

SkyWars has been replaced with BedWars as MC12.

If you have suggestions for possible maps, or would like to improve an existing one, ask on Discord.

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MC9 Fortnight Poll #2

The MC9 fortnight server is a vanilla-like survival map in which new map ideas are voted on every 2 weeks. Vote below and keep in mind the ability to use write-ins and ranked ballots.

This map will be implemented on Aug 6th.

Your Vote

Login to vote in this poll.

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MC5 Farlands Launch!

MC5 Farlands is now up and running in the Corner Farlands! The strange thing about the map is that as you dig down, each layer appears like a completely different map. Here are some pictures below of /farlands.

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